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Welcome to Multinational Holdings

In the backdrop of a rapidly changing world where the need and demand for products and services keep constantly changing, expanding, and diversifying as economic, social, and political scenarios change, necessity is more than likely to arise for ventures hitherto managed separately to be amalgamated. In some instances the combination is in related fields, in some they are diverse, and yet in others, they are a mix of related and diverse fields. With rapid expansion in complexity of many aspects of life with the advent of the new millennium, Multinational Holdings was inaugurated to better manage and better serve the people.

Its main role as a holding company is to oversee the broad commercial aspects of the companies under its purview, and to get involved principally in matters concerning policy, long-term, short-term, contingency, and strategic planning of the satellite companies. The actual operation of each company is fully decentralized subject to laid down policy and plan, to eliminate interference, delay, and develop the feeling of independence and trust. The Group of Companies’ current annual turnover is over Many Millions per annum and has a staff in excess of 300.

The principal policy of Multinational Holdings Group of Companies is strongly based on the concept of providing to the clients, QUALITY and RELIABLE products and services.  Multinational Holdings Group of Companies is therefore, the result of the amalgamation of several similar and diverse existing companies to successfully cope with the challenges of 2010 and beyond, with this concept in mind.  Having ‘quality and reliability’ as our beacon, we have now evolved in to a multi-million dollar group of companies currently operating in Australia and overseas…and we still continue to grow.

The first company of Multinational Holdings group has a good history of more than 30 years dating back to 1978, and provides excellent and reliable service to-date. Multinational Holdings Group of Companies is a wholly Australian-owned venture formed in the year 2000 to serve as the umbrella under which several Australia-owned existing companies could operate. The group covers the spheres of trading, investment & property development, manpower, defense solutions, education, and migration.