The Graduate Institute of Business and Technology (GIBT),
Australian Education Centre (AEC)
International Student Services (ISS)

The Graduate Institute of Business and Technology (GIBT)

While the AEC and ISS have served the Sri Lankan students for many years, The Graduate Institute of Business and Technology (GIBT), is now emerged as the latest development of the education arms of Multinational Holdings group. The Graduate Institute of Business and Technology (GIBT), is founded to exclusively support students seeking a quality Australian education in Sri Lanka as an offshore institute to a Prestigeous University in Australia. GIBT is a Board of Investment (BOI), Sri Lanka approved project, which would operate in collaboration with the IBSL (Institute of bankers, Sri Lanka) to deliver quality Australian study courses in Sri Lanka, with high end affiliations from Australia.

International Student Services (ISS) and Australian Education Centre (AEC), were founded to exclusively support students seeking a quality education in a foreign country. We believe that the students we send are ready and well equipped to handle the pressures of overseas education apart from being material worthy of the Global Society.

Formed as sister companies to the Australian Migration Services and Global Migration Centre, the two companies endeavor to prepare and assist students for the gruelling challenges of modern education.

Armed with a trained staff that professionally counsel and motivate the prospective students, ISS & AEC understand how the virtues of student counselling and guidance can help in the shaping and honing of individual students in their competition to achieve purposeful and productive places in society.

The education-related matters are being handled by the ISS & AEC, with expertise from AMS and GMC stepping in, to assist the students with visa matters.

The advantage of having offices in many countries provides a unique delivery model. Our Head Office interacts with the principal institutions and universities, and enables them to correspond with us sharing office hours common to both. The spacious offices, in addition to being centrally located, are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment in the form of high-speed broadband Internet access and telephones, providing our clients with the best services in the industry, enabling him/her to interact with visiting counselors and representatives.

The companies have rapidly expanded its service areas to other countries such as UK, USA, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Germany, Switzerland and Cyprus, so as to offer more choice and variety in courses available to student clients.
The companies handle all types of foundation, certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, undergraduate, and masters’ courses, and provide expert advice, counselling, guidance, and value-added benefits, and also undertake the handling of relevant visa applications.

ISS & AEC also conducts Australian Qualifications

Framework (AQF) Certificate III Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Assessments and other overseas courses through our partner training organizations. As part of our continuous expansion program.