A.I. Security is a privately owned Australian organization. The company commenced operations in 1978 with its then director Mr. Alex Ibbotson. During his early career serving in the Royal Australian Navy, Alex became aware of certain shortcomings within the private sector security industry. With this in mind, A.I. Security was born. The A.I Security Group quickly grew from its inception winning some of Melbourne’s most prestigious contracts. This rapid growth was supported by the company belief of providing quality and superior services to clients at all levels. Today, the A.I Security Group remains a very strong and potent force within the industry as a market leader with quality without compromise.

Multinational Holdings – A I Security

A.I Security uses the principles of martial arts as the basis of its security operations, placing high emphasis on clarity of mind and self control when placed in dangerous situations, invariably resulting in best outcomes. The principals of control used in martial arts are taught to our staff to manage their reactions and control their emotions in conflict situations.

Since its creation A.I Security has remained a highly competitive force within the industry. Our expertise has been developed through first hand experience. It is our attention to detail and pride in our service that makes us unique within the industry. Thus, A.I Security Group is a preeminent organization of security professionals.

A.I. Security Group also advocates the role and value of the security management professional to business, the media, government entities, and the public.

By providing our staff members and our security professionals with access to a full range of programs and services, we in turn deliver a quality-assured service with an increased productivity befitting the fee for services.

Clients may remain informed that the staff and management of the A.I. Security Group continue as a professional firm delivering a transparent and value-added security service, and leads the way in advanced and improved security solutions.

A.I. Security Services currently deal with contracts that include, but not limited to;

  1. Provision of Static Guards
  2. Provision of Man & Dog Teams
  3. Provision of Mobile Patrols and Emergency Response
  4. Alarm Installations & Monitoring
  5. Close Protections
  6. Provision of K9 Units specializing in Bomb Detection and Search
  7. Provision of K9 Units specializing in Narcotic Search
  8. Private Investigations
  9. Provision of On-site Protection Dogs
  10. Access Control
  11. Provision of Loss Prevention Officers
  12. Risk Assessment

BIG or small, We Protect Them All