Our trading arm has been operating for many years as an Importer and Exporter and also act as the local representative/authorized agent for many overseas companies and suppliers. We have been in the trades of providing defence solutions, import and export of tyres, Mobile Phones, Computers, Vehicles, Drugs and FMCG products for many years.

With passage of time, many developing countries including Sri Lanka has felt the need for upgraded and/or better products. Even if a product is manufactured within the country, availability of foreign brands of high quality would urge local manufacturers to produce products of competitive quality through a healthy competitive market. Sri Lankans, as inhabitants of a rapidly developing country constantly demand better and latest products, and there is scope and demand for many branded items which give satisfaction as well as prestige to consumers/users. As a result, the company imports high quality goods for last so many years.

We are a rapidly expanding business, and as links in the chain, the company is now looking for partnerships with reputable overseas companies and dealers to cater for our rapidly expanding Sri Lankan market. We have required resources which include the best dealer network, distributing channels Island wide, warehouse facilities expert sales staff in the field, offices, transport solutions, and strong financial backing from the holding company for launching and establishing new products in the Sri Lankan market.