Nexus Manpower

Nexus started as a Manpower providing company. However, it is not a run-of-the-mill supplier of manpower, but is a firm providing specialist manpower including security guards for corporate and industrial sectors of the market. Professionally trained security officers are provided to protect premises such as shopping malls, medical facilities, and pharmacies.

Nexus Manpower has been in operation for 16 years within mainly the security industry, and longevity is our reference. Nexus Manpower is in the process of expanding its operations to other occupation categories such as qualified and experienced trade level technicians and professionals.

The company has its own strict quality control and filtering systems in place to recruit only the best people in their particular field to serve its clients. Our highly trained staff and quality control HR staff makes it a point to continually employ improved selection and training methodologies to ensure quality in manpower provided.

The company has the added advantage of having as sister companies in allied fields of operation, the A.I. Security Group, K-9 Security, International Police Dogs, and Detector Dogs Australia.

We are currently negotiating with Australian small, medium, to large corporate bodies and employers from regional Australia to open up more opportunities for skilled workers to fill their labour requirements.